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Juli grew up a shy, middle child and is a woman of few words whose jewelry speaks volumes about herself, her feelings and her perspective on the world.  A modern alchemist of design, she melds industrial imagery and organic aesthetics together to create new and unique designs.  Juli's love for asymmetrical design was immediately made apparent in her very first bead craft:  a pair of mismatched earrings created when she was sixteen.  She developed her eclectic style by reading about and experimenting with every style and technique she could get her hands on, from stitched bead jewelry to riveted metals and from wire wrapping to precious metal clays.  No matter what Juli creates, her sense of humor & fun, love of the craft and sense of style come through.  Juli would probably blog more often if her rather large tabby cat, Rocky, didn't insinuate himself between her hands and the keyboard.  However, she does regularly update her facebook fan page for Juli's Jewels.  Juli is always paying-it-forward, not only on a personal level, but through her company with "just because" giveaways.  Juli's Jewels ArtFire artisan shop is jam packed with earrings, pendants, necklaces, anklets and more that are ready to ship and she loves to make custom orders for people too!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Where do you work?

I have been thinking about my craft/ workspace a lot lately. Why, because I get to change it.

Currently, my workspace is a portion of the guest room upstairs. As you can see, I have pretty much taken over. I try to keep my work desk somewhat clear so I can actually do work on it, but the workable area is pretty small. My bookcase has overflowed onto the floor, which is also where I keep things I just can’t put anywhere else right now, like the dehydrator and pasta machine. I can’t actually use my sewing machine because I would have to move all the stuff that is currently residing on top of the sewing table. Obviously, there is no place for anyone to sleep on that bed. Also, with the way the room is built and the furniture is situated, there is no walking around space on the floor if Buddy (the super dog) decides to hang out with me while I craft (the cats manage to find a place to curl up, but that’s because they’re cats, they don’t require as much space as a sleepy dog).

Last summer, my daughter/assistant/supermodel, Denise, moved to Tucson with her boyfriend. After plenty of long, hard thought, my hubby and I decided to redo her room as the guest room, and I will get to take over the spare room as my studio. It will still be a long time before I can complete all the work, as there is a lot of furniture to move, a spare bed to dispose of, etc. In the end, I will be able to have almost all of my work stuff in one place (I still have to keep the torches in the garage).

So, where do you work? Leave a comment on my blog about your workspace (with a link to a picture if possible). I will pick one of your comments to win a collaged domino necklace. Deadline to enter is May 31st. I will pick a winner on June 1st and contact you about sending out your necklace.


Evie's Ark, All Things Animal said...

I love that you just shared your studio work space because I just took the "before" photos of mine! And no, I won't share them with you until I can post the "after" photos and not be so utterly embarrassed!

Juli's Jewels said...

After several hours of work last night, my space already looks alot different (not better, just different). I can't wait to see how it all turns out. The work is slow though, as I pretty much have to work on both rooms at once.

Krissi said...

Having absolutely no concept of shame, here are my "before" studio photos:

Before #1Before #2

Juli's Jewels said...

Oh my God! Those are great. I am almost finished myself...finally.


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