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Juli grew up a shy, middle child and is a woman of few words whose jewelry speaks volumes about herself, her feelings and her perspective on the world.  A modern alchemist of design, she melds industrial imagery and organic aesthetics together to create new and unique designs.  Juli's love for asymmetrical design was immediately made apparent in her very first bead craft:  a pair of mismatched earrings created when she was sixteen.  She developed her eclectic style by reading about and experimenting with every style and technique she could get her hands on, from stitched bead jewelry to riveted metals and from wire wrapping to precious metal clays.  No matter what Juli creates, her sense of humor & fun, love of the craft and sense of style come through.  Juli would probably blog more often if her rather large tabby cat, Rocky, didn't insinuate himself between her hands and the keyboard.  However, she does regularly update her facebook fan page for Juli's Jewels.  Juli is always paying-it-forward, not only on a personal level, but through her company with "just because" giveaways.  Juli's Jewels ArtFire artisan shop is jam packed with earrings, pendants, necklaces, anklets and more that are ready to ship and she loves to make custom orders for people too!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What I did this weekend.

End of last week, I saw the theme for Side Show Studios July 2nd Saturday Gallery show, Pop America. Pop America, what could that mean? I didn’t get it. I read the complete note for the call to artists on their Facebook page. I get it now…pop culture stuff. Well, as we know, I just play with my art and don’t imagine I will be hanging in a gallery any time soon, but I like a good challenge. So what is my favorite pop culture icon? Hmm, Wonder Woman, Betty Crocker, who knows. I was feeling kind of lost for an idea, when my coworker, Barb, said “Don’t worry about it, you’ll go to bed and ‘Pink!” it will just come to you.” I said, “You just hit it on the nose!” She said’ “Huh?” I said, “Pink! You know; pinkies. Pink Plastic Flamingos! OMG, what could be better?!?” She said, “Oh no, I’ve created a monster.” I said, “Oh no, you just let her out of the box.” So, that conversation led to this.

I know it’s not done yet, but I don’t know what it needs to finish it (aside from some glitter, that is.).

My road block on my Pinky collage led to these.

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Evie's Ark, All Things Animal said...

Ding! You got it, sister! This will look fab in the art show! Have you submitted your info, yet? Can't wait to see the flamingo in person!


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